Ananda Loka is currently under development...

We look forward to offering you amazing, off grid, yoga and bhakti retreats! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and details.

Building a homestead and retreat off the grid, on mountainous terrain, is an incredible endeavor. We love visitors and you are invited to participate in the adventure!  To learn about our latest building project and find out how you can help build Ananda Loka, click the button and get involved.

Ananda means 'Bliss'

Loka means 'World'

Welcome to Bliss World!

Ananda Loka, exists to provide you with the opportunity for true well being through spiritual practice and natural living. Inspired by India’s glorious yoga and bhakti culture, our community is dedicated to the path of loving service.

Our yoga wilderness retreat is perched upon a breathtaking mountainside, overlooking the stunning Venables Valley, nestled amidst miles of wild BC backcountry. Ananda Loka is part of Saranagati Village, an off grid, bhakti yoga and organic farming community. 

Only 4 hours from Vancouver city, Ananda Loka is the perfect place to unplug from your busy routine and take time to nurture your soul. Let nature, yoga and bhakti nourish your mind, body and spirit. Come and experience 'Yoga Off Grid' with us!

Our Retreats will Feature:

  • Daily yoga classes 
  • Workshops (see below for examples)
  • Beautiful off grid accommodation 
  • Fresh, local, organic, plant-based, sattvic cuisine 
  • Lake swimming, hiking and much more... 

Workshop and Class Topics:

  • Yoga and bhakti practices, philosophy and lifestyle
  • Homesteading and off grid living
  • Organic farming, gardening, permaculture and wildcraft
  • Alternative building and sustainable energy
  • Cooking, baking and preserving
  • Holistic nutrition and Ayurveda
  • Art, music and dance 

What are you dying to learn? What do you wish to create? Click the button and contact us with your inspiration and ideas!